Enhancements to AddictingDeals.com


Here’s just a quick post to tell you about the latest enhancements to AddictingDeals.com.   The Department menu is now conveniently hidden until you need it.  Just hover your mouse over the ‘See All Departments‘ button and the Department Menu will appear for you to make a selection.  See the image below.

Also, we now support a choice of List View or Grid View when browsing our product information.   The image below shows the List View which is the “classic” view that we have always had.  It has 1 item per row and full product information is displayed beside each item.

Click to see our Swimwear List View

The new Grid View shows larger images with 3 items per rows; however, there is less product information displayed in this view.   The Grid View is the new default view but you can change the view with the List and Grid buttons (below the search).   To see the product information that is missing in the Grid View, simply hover your mouse over the item image and you will see a Quick Look button appear.

Click to see our Swimwear Grid View

Clicking on the Quick Look button will display the missing product information and provide the ability to view the price history chart (if available) for that item and/or search for store coupons that could save you additional money.  You can see and example of the Quick Look below.

Quick View

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New Flash Sales at AddictingDeals


Recently growing at a nearly exponential rate, “Flash Sales” have quickly become one of the fastest growing and most entertaining areas of retailing today. But you’ve got to be ready to move fast. In this rollercoaster world of hot bargains and super-low prices, huge discounts of 30%, 50% or even more can appear and then disappear faster than an old-fashioned brick-and-mortar retailer can find you a shopping cart.

Now on AddictingDeals.com, you’ll always find “Flash Sales” going on! Simply click the red “Flash Sales” icon in the upper left-hand corner of AddictingDeals.com to get started as shown below.

Flash Sales at AddictingDeals.com

AddictingDeals now specializes in these limited-time “Flash Sales” that let consumers save as much as 80% on a wide variety of popular products. Every day, we add eight to ten new products to our website, AddictingDeals.com. Like our other “Flash Sale” products on the site, these new items are offered at a rock-bottom price – but for a very limited time only (usually about a week).

I can show you a couple examples of big savings using our “Flash Sales” below; however, these links won’t work for long because these flash sales come and go fast!  Click the images to see if the sales are still around.  If not, click the red “Flash Sales” icon in the upper left-hand corner of AddictingDeals.com to see the latest flash sales.

Flash Sale Example – 80% OFF:

FlashSale Example 1 - Won't last long!

Flash Sale Example – 53% OFF:

FlashSale Example 2 - Won't last long


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Browser Back Button & Bookmarking Support


Back Button:

In the past, if you loaded AddictingDeals.com, looked at some TVs, computers and finally clothes, and then you pressed the browser’s back button, you would leave AddictingDeals and go to the previous website in your browser’s history.  So unexpected!  Well after a couple of weeks of major software modifications, this behavior has finally been corrected!  Now when you load AddictingDeals and use the back button, it will take you back to the previous thing you were doing at AddictingDeals. This was particularly tricky because, for performance reasons, AddictingDeals never really loads any new pages in their entirety, it just quickly modifies a portion of the page you are looking at based on your actions.  So the back button needed to be programmed to undo your last actions incrementally before leaving AddictingDeals and going to the previous website in your browser’s history.  Now it does that so I hope it behaves as you would expect it to.


Keeping track of all your steps to make the back button work properly was done by capturing your action details in the URL  (displayed at the top of most browsers).   This change happened to also enable very specific bookmarking (or saving as a Favorite) from anywhere within AddictingDeals. In the past, if you navigated to a favorite category and selected a favorite brand, and then you bookmarked the page, the bookmark would just return you to the home page. What a bummer! Now that problem has been fixed and bookmarks will return you to the specific page with the same actions applied you had enabled when you saved the bookmark. Please give me just one more minute of your time to point out an example of how this could be very useful to you before I end this post.  Suppose you are waiting for a great deal on a TV.  You go to AddictingDeals.com and 1) you search for “55 TV” and  you choose Flat Panel TV, 2) you enable the brand of “Samsung” (or your favorite brand) and 3) you click “Down from last week” because you want a price drop, and 4) you enter a max price of 1500 because that’s all you are willing to pay.   Now you can simply bookmark this page (or save it as a Favorite) and perform all these actions at once simply by using the bookmark.  You could check it  everyday with just one click on the bookmark.

Why Bookmarks?

What are you waiting for?  Give it a try at  AddictingDeals!


Power to Find Incredible Steals!


Last night (4/28/13) we completed another enhancement that absolutely will give you the power to find incredible steals even when the merchants and AddictingDeals may NOT have highlighted the deal on their featured products page.   If you love to find steals on your own, keep reading this post to see how our advanced targeting software can get you on track to the best deals!  We have not yet seen this capability on any other website and as always we provide it for FREE.  So give it a try!


So just how do you use this new capability to find the latest steals?

Step 1:

First, start browsing for the product you desire, let’s say you want a new TV.  From the Department menu on the left, select Electronics  >  Video & TV  >  Flat Panel TV.     Now you should be browsing over 2200 HDTVs from a variety of merchants (or you could search for something else you want).

Step 2:

Click the check box in the upper left that is labeled ‘Down from last week‘ as shown below.  In our HDTV example this reduces us from over 2200 TVs to 205 that have today’s price reduced down compared to last week’s price (as you can see in the mini price trends next to the prices).


Step 3:

Our powerful NEW enhancement allows you to specify the PERCENT SAVINGS that you want to find.  Previously, this option used to show products with ANY savings compared to last week even if it was just a few pennies, but now it defaults to savings of at least 1% and lets you adjust it.  Let’s change the percent to 15% and click the Apply button as shown below.   In our TV example, this reduces the results to 39 incredible steals!


Step 4:

Finally, click on one of the mini price trends to view the larger price trend.   As part of this enhancement, we added the percent savings compared to last week right in the chart title (they will all be 15% or more because we specified 15%).  And as before, you can hover your mouse pointer over each of the data points on the large (or the mini) price trends to see the price that was in effect each week.


This is just another great FREE service brought to you by AddictingDeals!

We continue to provide features like this that you cannot find anywhere else.   We hope you enjoy this powerful new enhancement that will allow you to start Saving Time & Money today!

Printable Coupons!


We are jumping for joy because we’re so happy to be able to provide Printable Coupons!  Browse our printable coupons by category or easily search all coupons.   Select (or “clip”) all the coupons you want. When you have them all clipped, then click our Print Coupons button.  Now you can redeem them at your local store. It’s that easy!

Over 90% of all major grocery chains and over 95% of all grocery stores have an official policy to accept printable coupons as long as the barcodes scan properly.  Some of the printable coupons may be retailer-specific and only redeemable at a specific retailer or location.

Printable Coupons!

This is just another great FREE service brought to you by AddictingDeals!

We did this by teaming up with Coupons.com to provide you with the best printable coupons around from a trusted provider. During the print process you will get redirected to Coupons.com to print, and if it’s your first time printing, you will need to install their “Coupon Printer”. Have no worries—Coupons.com will never do anything to violate your privacy or send you anything without your permission. You don’t even have to give them your name or email address to install their Coupon Printer.  Please note that the coupon printer is a TRUSTe trusted download, and Coupons.com is a Better Business Bureau accredited business. Here at AddictingDeals, we have installed the Coupon Printer, printed coupons and used them at our local grocery store with no issues.  These coupons, like all our products, are easily searchable; however, if you choose to use Coupons.com’s site you will not have the search feature.  So we hope you enjoy this new printable coupon service!

1 Million Products and Growing!


Just a quick post to say THANKS to those of you who have used AddictingDeals as we have grown from our original 500 products to now over 1 MILLION products and still growing!  Plus, we now track the price changes on our 1 million+ products from your favorite stores!  Be well informed before you buy online using our price trends!

Track price changes at AddictingDeals!

And don’t forget, we currently have over 2000 active Coupons & Specials (changing every day)!   We recently started featuring 8 of the latest, just-in, coupons at the top of our home page as well.

Featured Coupons

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Do You Love Coupons?


Do you LOVE coupons as much as we do?   Providing those coupon codes that you enter at checkout has always been a manual process here at AddictingDeals.com.  Merchants would email us with their current promotions, and we would add them manually, but we just couldn’t keep up…  that is until now.   I’m excited to announce that we have developed an automated process for loading all the latest coupon deals and other promotional specials from the majority of our merchants!   Simply click new coupon icon under the Home button to access all the latest coupons & specials.

AddictingDeals Loves Coupons!

You also can browse these coupons be selecting the Department of ‘Coupons & Specials’ on the left-side panel.   Or simply select ‘Coupons & Specials’ next to the Search button and search thousands of active coupons for what ever your looking for (e.g. Laptop, HDTV, Free Shipping, etc.).  It’s that EASY!  No more scouring the internet for coupon codes and landing on those shady, full-of-SPAM web-sites.  Just use AddingDeals and safely start Saving Time & Money.

AddictingDeals Loves Coupons!

Hope you LOVE coupons like we do and enjoy our premium coupon service!