More is Good!

We’re extremely excited to announce that has been accepted into the Amazon Associates program!  What does this mean for you?   Now that we can include products from Amazon in our price comparison engine, it means you are provided with an even more complete list of the Best Deals on the Internet!  We have been furiously enhancing our price engine software to support the integration with Amazon and have recently implemented the first of many new product loads.   Our Flat Panel TV department was chosen as the first department to upgrade due to its popularity with our shoppers.  Click the link and check out the improvements!

I’m confident that a good percentage of the time Amazon will offer the lowest prices.  I am also confident that there will be other times that some of our many other quality merchants will offer the lowest price.  Let AddictingDeals do the comparisons for you.  Shop everywhere at once using a single convenient and “addicting” web site.  We’ll show you the lowest price by default, but simply click the Compare button to see all the details.  For example, here’s a couple of screen shots after clicking the compare button on a some TVs:

Compare HDTVs

Compare HDTVs

Thanks again for your time. Now let us start saving you time and money when you shop online!


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