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Don’t miss our fast moving deals! Get On Board by clicking LIKE on our facebook fan page today and get the latest promotions on your Facebook home page!  Already LIKEd us? Then be sure to click LIKE on all the deals that you do like when you see them on your newsfeed.  Otherwise, Facebook now automatically stops showing you our posts if you never interact with us.  So please let us know what deals are popular and which you can do without by using the LIKE option!

Thanks in advance for coming on board with us!

Get On Board!

AddictingDeals has grown to over 1 million products in just a short time!  We recently added over 89,000 movies from a variety of great merchants. You’ll be surprised who has the lowest prices on your favorite movies when you compare using our site.  We just finished adding over 24,000 tools.  Get the best deals on tools from major merchants like Sears and Amazon.    Also, we have so many shoes now (over 35,000)  that we had to create a Department dedicated to Shoes instead of having them under Clothing Accessories.  There’s no stopping us – we’re moving like a freight train!


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