Wasn’t that cheaper last week?


Have you ever been about to buy something and thought, “Wasn’t that cheaper last week?”  Most online merchants are NOT about to tell you that they recently raised the price of an item…   but we will!   We don’t want you to buy an item and then find out that the price had been recently jacked up!  AddictingDeals.com is proud to announce the addition of mini Price Trend Charts next to our prices.    Whether we’re showing a price from Amazon or Tiger Direct,  Best Buy or Sears, we’ll save the prices week-to-week and show you their price history next to the price:

AddictingDeals has added Price Trends

Click mini price trend for larger price history trend!

Also, in the Narrow Your Deals panel, you can filter to products where today’s price is UP, DOWN or the SAME as last week’s price simply by clicking a check box.   To see the previous prices, simply hover over the chart and move left and right and the Tip Text will display the historical prices. In the screen show below, you can see that the price of the wireless speaker was $119.99, but now it is $149.99.  Ouch, lets wait for that one to go back down!

AddictingDeals has added Price Trends

I think these latest enhancements will help keep you more informed so you can make wiser purchases.  So, Thanks again and keep on Saving Time & Money with AddictingDeals!

Oh, almost forgot, one more small enhancement that our fans have asked for lately has been added– the ability to  Sort by Price is now available when you are in a single specific department!

AddictingDeals has added Sort by Price


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