Printable Coupons!

We are jumping for joy because we’re so happy to be able to provide Printable Coupons!  Browse our printable coupons by category or easily search all coupons.   Select (or “clip”) all the coupons you want. When you have them all clipped, then click our Print Coupons button.  Now you can redeem them at your local store. It’s that easy!

Over 90% of all major grocery chains and over 95% of all grocery stores have an official policy to accept printable coupons as long as the barcodes scan properly.  Some of the printable coupons may be retailer-specific and only redeemable at a specific retailer or location.

Printable Coupons!

This is just another great FREE service brought to you by AddictingDeals!

We did this by teaming up with to provide you with the best printable coupons around from a trusted provider. During the print process you will get redirected to to print, and if it’s your first time printing, you will need to install their “Coupon Printer”. Have no worries— will never do anything to violate your privacy or send you anything without your permission. You don’t even have to give them your name or email address to install their Coupon Printer.  Please note that the coupon printer is a TRUSTe trusted download, and is a Better Business Bureau accredited business. Here at AddictingDeals, we have installed the Coupon Printer, printed coupons and used them at our local grocery store with no issues.  These coupons, like all our products, are easily searchable; however, if you choose to use’s site you will not have the search feature.  So we hope you enjoy this new printable coupon service!


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