Enhancements to AddictingDeals.com


Here’s just a quick post to tell you about the latest enhancements to AddictingDeals.com.   The Department menu is now conveniently hidden until you need it.  Just hover your mouse over the ‘See All Departments‘ button and the Department Menu will appear for you to make a selection.  See the image below.

Also, we now support a choice of List View or Grid View when browsing our product information.   The image below shows the List View which is the “classic” view that we have always had.  It has 1 item per row and full product information is displayed beside each item.

Click to see our Swimwear List View

The new Grid View shows larger images with 3 items per rows; however, there is less product information displayed in this view.   The Grid View is the new default view but you can change the view with the List and Grid buttons (below the search).   To see the product information that is missing in the Grid View, simply hover your mouse over the item image and you will see a Quick Look button appear.

Click to see our Swimwear Grid View

Clicking on the Quick Look button will display the missing product information and provide the ability to view the price history chart (if available) for that item and/or search for store coupons that could save you additional money.  You can see and example of the Quick Look below.

Quick View

What are you waiting for?  Give it a try at  AddictingDeals!



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