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Back Button:

In the past, if you loaded, looked at some TVs, computers and finally clothes, and then you pressed the browser’s back button, you would leave AddictingDeals and go to the previous website in your browser’s history.  So unexpected!  Well after a couple of weeks of major software modifications, this behavior has finally been corrected!  Now when you load AddictingDeals and use the back button, it will take you back to the previous thing you were doing at AddictingDeals. This was particularly tricky because, for performance reasons, AddictingDeals never really loads any new pages in their entirety, it just quickly modifies a portion of the page you are looking at based on your actions.  So the back button needed to be programmed to undo your last actions incrementally before leaving AddictingDeals and going to the previous website in your browser’s history.  Now it does that so I hope it behaves as you would expect it to.


Keeping track of all your steps to make the back button work properly was done by capturing your action details in the URL  (displayed at the top of most browsers).   This change happened to also enable very specific bookmarking (or saving as a Favorite) from anywhere within AddictingDeals. In the past, if you navigated to a favorite category and selected a favorite brand, and then you bookmarked the page, the bookmark would just return you to the home page. What a bummer! Now that problem has been fixed and bookmarks will return you to the specific page with the same actions applied you had enabled when you saved the bookmark. Please give me just one more minute of your time to point out an example of how this could be very useful to you before I end this post.  Suppose you are waiting for a great deal on a TV.  You go to and 1) you search for “55 TV” and  you choose Flat Panel TV, 2) you enable the brand of “Samsung” (or your favorite brand) and 3) you click “Down from last week” because you want a price drop, and 4) you enter a max price of 1500 because that’s all you are willing to pay.   Now you can simply bookmark this page (or save it as a Favorite) and perform all these actions at once simply by using the bookmark.  You could check it  everyday with just one click on the bookmark.

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Just a quick post to say THANKS to those of you who have used AddictingDeals as we have grown from our original 500 products to now over 1 MILLION products and still growing!  Plus, we now track the price changes on our 1 million+ products from your favorite stores!  Be well informed before you buy online using our price trends!

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And don’t forget, we currently have over 2000 active Coupons & Specials (changing every day)!   We recently started featuring 8 of the latest, just-in, coupons at the top of our home page as well.

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